Dragon Eggs and New Beginnings?

What does it all mean?

Some of you may already know that we are no longer offering events in ‘Scrummy Hall’ as we have decided to travel down a new and exciting avenue.

We have converted the space to be more conducive to candy making. Yes, that’s right, we have begun to make our own confections. We are starting off very modestly with a few experimental concepts and we’ll grow from there.

As a nod to Mother’s Day and the the newest upcoming season of Game of Thrones, we present to you our first Scrummy Chocolates made in our purple-walled Chocolate Library – ‘Mother of all Dragons’ eggs! Each chocolate egg is uniquely designed, hand-tempered, hand-painted with a variety of different colors and are available in milk, dark, and/or white chocolate.

We have a long queue of ideas of visit often to see what we’ve created next!